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Is there a question or a need for more details after reading the various technical data sheets and information about the B-Fix range? Various questions and answers are listed below. If you still have not found the information you want, don't hesitate to fill in the form from the "Contact Us" page.

Which tools do I need to install a B-Fix decking?

Installing a wooden deck is extremely easy and doesn't require a lot of tooling. You will find below a list of the different necessary tools. Please note that laying instructions and the list of tools are given as indication. Installation and tools can vary depending on the country and the rules used in this country, but also depending on the underground on which the terrace is going to be installed.

Do not hesitate to ask more information about your structure to your local timber merchant.

Only a few tools are necessary to install a B-Fix deck.

Before starting, prepare at least:

  • a screwing machine
  • a 4 mm drill
  • a jigsaw
  • a flat chisel
  • the laying instructions for the B-Fix One and B-Fix Border, as well as the Torx 20 bit that is delivered with the B-Fix One.

For a better result, also prepare:

  • a ripsaw
  • a circular saw
  • a router with the 45° bit

Is it necessary to have a level of structure?

Yes, adjust your supporting structure so that it is level, this will greatly facilitate the rest of the installation. For this you need to prop up the structure with wedges distributed evenly beneath the joists until level. Plastic glazier chocs or small off-cuts are ideal.

Which wood do I use for my structure?

Use the same class of wood as the deck boards for the supporting structure. This way you will avoid having to replace the structure before the deck boards. And use only stainless steel screws for assembly.

Is it necessary to pre-drill before putting a B-Fix screw?

Due to the self-perforating screw, pre-drilling is not necessary. A simple Torx bit is all you need to tighten the B-Fix fasteners to hardwood joists.

How to minimize the gap between the planks?

Lodge the B-Fix fastener tightly into the side groove of the deck board in order to minimize the gap between the planks and ensure a maximum rigidity. Use parquetry ties for long lengths. This helps to ensure regular spacing between the deck boards and secures them before screwing them into place. Leave a minimum 5mm gap between the deck boards and the surrounding wall.

What is the ideal spacing with Ipe slats of 20mm?

For 20mm thick deck boards place the joists 40 cm apart so the deck boards won’t bend under pressure.

Does B-Fix require special maintenance?

No, but protecting and maintaining your deck boards properly will prolong their life span. B-fix highly recommends Durieu products for the protection and rejuvenation of both softwood and hardwood.

I have wax traces on the boards, is that normal?

Most of the exotic boards are treated with wax at their ends. This is to protect the boards during transport. In this case these ends have to be cut off to have a proper 90° angle. Boards can be placed against each other in the length.

Can you also install Padouk boards of 19 cm width with B-Fix?

Many projects have already been done with boards of 190 mm width. The important point is to have boards that are at least 25 mm thick. The moisture content also has to be controlled. See the B-Fix One technical sheet.


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