3 bottles of B-Fix wine

75 cl bottle of Bordeaux

Type of wine: Dry red
Grape varieties: Monastrel (Mourvèdre), Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah
Vintage: 2009
Country: Spain
Region: Murcia
Classification: D.O. Jumillia
Vol. Al.: 14.5%
Presentation: 75 cl bottle of Bordeaux

Tasting notes: To the naked eye, colour is almost black with violet reflections. To the nose, it offers floral notes and black fruits (blackcurrant, blackberry), complemented by woody and liquorice aromas. To the taste, explosion of flavours both of fruits (plum, blackcurrant) mixed with mild spices (liquorice, vanilla). Perfect balance between fruits and texture, finish in the mouth long and smooth with perfectly integrated tannins.

Wine & food pairing: This wine will go well with dishes based on red meat. It will go perfectly with dishes where the flavour is dominated by spices such as black pepper, Szechuan pepper or even cayenne pepper. The power of this wine means it has nothing to fear from game dishes, or even from mushrooms.

Serving: We suggest you serve this wine decanted at a reasonable temperature of 16° (slightly chilled) - it will warm up in your glass to some extent.