1 iPhone 6S

model A1634

Only one thing has changed: Everything.

From the moment you start to use the iPhone 6s, you will discover wild sensations. With a single press, 3D Touch opens an unsuspected range of possibilities. Live Photos brings your memories to life. The A9 chip with 64-bit architecture gives class to a desktop computer. And this is only the beginning. The innovations of the iPhone 6s will not cease to amaze you.

3D Touch

The entire new Multi

The first iPhone launched Multi-Touch, changing for ever our approach to technology. 3D Touch now offers a totally undreamed method of interaction. It detects the pressure that you are applying to the screen, to allow you to complete a variety of tasks even more easily. Finally, the completely new Taptic Engine delivers you a response in real time in the form of slight pulses.

Photographic device and camera

12 Mpx photographs. 4K videos. Live Photos.
As many unforgettable memories as you like.

The most popular photographic device in the world is continuing to advance. The new iSight 12-megapixel device takes even sharper photographs, as well as superb self-portraits with the new FaceTime HD 5-megapixel camera. Not to mention 4K videos with a resolution up to four times better than that of a HD 1080p video. Finally, it introduces Live Photos, a marvellous way of bringing your memories to life, while capturing the moments preceding and following the snapshot. You will then be able to show them simply by tapping the screen.


A9. Such an advanced chip has never before been created for a smartphone.

The A9 chip with its 64-bit architecture giving class to a desktop computer was designed especially for the iPhone 6s. With graphic and processing performances 90% and 70% faster respectively, you will be able to exploit your apps and the most demanding games to full effect.

Touch ID

Advanced security. As safe as your fingerprint is unique.

With a digital fingerprint sensor that is faster and more efficient than ever, Touch ID enables you to unlock your telephone in a way that is both simple and secure.

4G LTE and Wi

The iPhone 6s has 4G LTE connectivity. It handles more LTE bands than any other smartphone and, connected to a Wi

An absolutely unique experience. For a telephone without equal.

iOS 9 is our most advanced, intelligent and secure mobile operating system to date. With new, high performance apps and future features enriching Siri and the system in general, it has become more essential than ever. Close integration with Apple hardware guarantees perfectly fluid functioning. And the App Store is packed with unbelievable apps capable of operating the full marvellous iPhone potential.

Specification: see apple.be